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Posté : 20 mai 2010, 08:40
par Manirian
Here you can give us some links to tutorials about how to draw or how to use drawing software. I will add them to this first message. I have copied the English ones from the French forum. Hope you like this.


Poses :

Human body : ... y-15014442

Feet : ... l-90158269 (tuto) ... l-38271036 (tuto) ... t-75263178 (tuto)

Legs : (poses)
http://what-i-do-is-secret.deviantart.c ... s-62170125 (female poses) ... -127734289 (positions) (anatomy) ... g-88916686 (anatomy)

Hands : ... l-83785318 (tuto) ... e-28509739 (examples of right hands poses ) ... e-28522723 (examples of left hands poses) ... l-68320552 (tuto) ... h-46733204 (poses)

Eyes : ... -125004837 ... l-85947021 (Manga) (different types) (same as above)

Hair : ... r-50774338 ... 2-74655935 ... 1-72642274 ... -115024061 ... -145807555

Furry : ... -162464650


Painting metal : ... -162454313

Hair drawing with Photoshop : ... l-21467651 ... S-39739048

Transparent line : ... -162136022

How to make a lineart : ... -134457330 (Paint Tool SAI + lot of helping subjects like perspective...)

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Posté : 21 mai 2010, 00:13
par McRutter
Here's a bit of a semi-related query: How easy is it to find a life drawing class in France? I'd imagine fairly damned easy, as it's fairly easy to find one here. They tend to be fairly economical too.

Always surprises me the amount of tutorials for feet, hands, eyes, scapula and thorax when drawing from life is still the best (IMO ONLY) way to learn how to draw the human body.

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Posté : 21 mai 2010, 11:52
par Manirian
I haven't tried drawing class but you can see that there's a lot of English people who did tutorials and who read them. I don't know if it's just because it's seem trendy, easy and free to use those but I can also tell you that there isn't a lot of life drawing classes in my city: Bordeaux, which is pretty big and the prices seem to be high for me. And in Paris it seems that there are so much requests for them that they must restrict inscriptions. I don't know how it works in Australia but it's obviously different.

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Posté : 21 mai 2010, 14:33
par McRutter
That's a pity, it seems a shame that anyone might miss out on such a fundamental part of art practice when it's so easy to organise.... Simply collect enough interested people to hire out a space (or get it free if your council has such a policy), find a model, agree on a time, location and fee and you're ready. Sometimes art supply stores might give you a discount of low quality cartridge or bond paper so the class can quickly churn out as many sketches as possible. Although initially people may just be working from visual diaries. Once you have enough funds you might be able to purchase mdf board cut to size that you can use to mount larger sheets of paper, it is better to work large and with charcoal for speed.

Anyway, here's a tut I found useful for getting around Lineart in paint tool sai: ... -134457330

Digital is still largely unknown territory for me, so I found Sai a very useful tool. Vector and bitmap in one at a reasonable price.

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Posté : 21 mai 2010, 15:10
par Manirian
Yeah but you need first someone that can help with advices and so on. Or you can learn from people different experiences but I'm not sure of the result.
Thanks for the tut. I added it

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Posté : 06 sept. 2012, 09:43
par Manirian
Oh I forgot to post it here!

I found a tutorial about a way to make shadow and lights. I found it interesting cause it uses the lock mode of photoshop and the lasso. It's more for a cartoon shadowing way ^^
Enjoy ! ... af0daa6006

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Posté : 08 sept. 2012, 23:29
par skweedoo
Wow! That is awesome! :D

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Posté : 02 nov. 2016, 19:05
par Brou07
Thanks for all those links!
I had heard of Alexds1 already, but every other link was a great surprise!

My personal favourite is nebezial's tutorial that his wife put together
(sample of Nebezial's work)
tutorial link: ... -147826677
(or direct download): ... o_lynn.pdf